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  • Drafting and Reviewing Agreements

  • Reviewing Financing Arrangements

  • Resolving Legal Issues

  • Title Clearance

  • Addressing Liens and Encumbrances

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Residential & Commercial : For Buyers

Title Search and Examination

Real estate lawyers conduct a thorough examination of the property's title to ensure that the seller has clear ownership and the right to sell the property.

Drafting and Reviewing Agreements

Lawyers assist in drafting and reviewing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, ensuring that the terms and conditions are fair and comply with legal standards.

Reviewing Financing Arrangements

Lawyers help buyers understand mortgage agreements and financing terms. They can also advise on the implications of the mortgage on the property.

Conducting Due Diligence

Lawyers may assist in investigating any potential issues related to the property, such as zoning restrictions, environmental concerns, or outstanding liens.

Closing the Transaction

Real estate lawyers manage the closing process, ensuring that all necessary documents are properly executed, funds are transferred, and the property is successfully transferred to the buyer.

Registering the Title

After the transaction is complete, lawyers handle the registration of the new ownership with the relevant land registry office.

Resolving Legal Issues

If any legal issues arise during the buying process, such as disputes with the seller or issues with the property title, lawyers work to resolve these matters.

Residential & Commercial : For Sellers

Drafting and Reviewing Agreements

Real estate lawyers assist sellers in drafting and reviewing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale to ensure that the terms are fair and protect the seller's interests.

Title Clearance

Lawyers work to clear any title issues that may arise during the selling process, ensuring that the seller has the legal right to transfer the property.

Addressing Liens and Encumbrances

Lawyers help sellers address any outstanding liens or encumbrances on the property that may affect the sale.

Handling Closing Documents

Real estate lawyers prepare and manage all necessary closing documents, including the deed and other transfer documents.

Distribution of Funds

Lawyers facilitate the transfer of funds from the sale to the seller, ensuring that all financial aspects of the transaction are handled correctly.

Closing the Transaction:

Similar to buyers, real estate lawyers oversee the closing process to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.

Resolving Legal Issues

If legal issues arise on the seller's side, such as disputes with the buyer, lawyers work to address and resolve these issues.

The Importance of Making a Will and Powers of Attorney


Asset Protection and Smooth Transition

Creating a will and powers of attorney ensures a clear roadmap for the distribution of assets, including real estate properties, in the event of incapacitation or passing. This legal documentation not only protects your real estate investments but also facilitates a seamless transition, preventing potential conflicts among beneficiaries.


Legal Control and Decision-Making

Powers of attorney empower designated individuals to make critical real estate decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so due to illness or other circumstances. Having a legally appointed representative can safeguard your real estate interests and ensure timely and informed decisions, even in your absence.


Avoiding Probate Challenges

A well-drafted will can prevent probate challenges and lengthy legal proceedings. By clearly outlining your wishes regarding real estate assets, you reduce the likelihood of disputes among heirs, ensuring your properties are transferred smoothly and efficiently. Proper estate planning with wills and powers of attorney provides a structured and legally binding framework, offering peace of mind and security for your real estate holdings.

Our Comprehensive Legal Support for Wills and Estates

With our knowledgeable Wills and Estates legal assistance, discover peace of mind. Our skilled lawyers offer all-inclusive support, making sure your desires are properly recorded and safeguarded by the law. We provide specialised solutions that protect your legacy and assets, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind for the future. Our services range from preparing accurate wills to administering intricate estates.


Tailored Document Drafting

We draft detailed, legally enforceable wills that are customized to your specific needs and make sure your assets are dispersed as you intended.


Estate Planning Expertise

Our staff provides knowledgeable estate planning advice, assisting you in navigating tax ramifications, setting up trusts, and safeguarding your assets for next generations.


Probate Assistance

Our proficient handling of probate procedures guarantees a seamless transfer of assets and settles legal complications, so reducing anxiety for your beneficiaries.


Power of Attorney Services

We help create powers of attorney, enabling reliable people to act on your behalf and protect your interests while making important choices.


Conflict Resolution

When disagreements arise, our knowledgeable lawyers can mediate them effectively and defend you in court, preserving your desires and settling disputes among heirs.

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