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When do I need Notary?

A notary is needed for various legal documents such as wills, deeds, power of attorney, and affidavits to ensure their authenticity and legality.

Reassurance and Authenticity

Experience the reassurance of our Notarization (legal) services, where we add a vital layer of security and authenticity to your critical documents. Our seasoned notaries are dedicated to upholding the legality and validity of various papers, spanning wills, real estate transactions, and affidavits. This notarization process acts as a protective measure against potential fraud and misrepresentation, offering an impartial third-party verification of identity and intent. Be it for personal or business purposes, our notarial services ensure the reliability of your documents and instill confidence in your legal matters.

Drafting Services

Empower your legal documents with our specialized Legal Document Drafting services. Our team of experienced professionals takes great care in creating a diverse array of legal documents, encompassing contracts, agreements, and wills. Every document is tailored to your unique requirements, guaranteeing legal precision and adherence. Whether you’re a business in need of custom contracts or an individual seeking a personalized will, our services offer the legal expertise necessary for creating meticulous, dependable, and legally compliant documents.

Don't Sign Yet

To notarize online or in person, you connect with a certified notary via a digital platform or in person. They verify your identity and witness your electronic signature. This method holds the same legal weight as original and is remote signing is particularly useful for remote transactions. It’s essential to ensure that your chosen notary service complies with your state’s specific regulations to ensure the legality of the process.

Legalization & Document Authentication

Need your documents authenticated and legalized for use in another country? We can help you to collect the information and initial consultation and legalize it from the local notary!

Professional and Reliable

We are certified, bonded, insured, experienced and reliable Notary Serving Area since 2013. We now provide notary services and the list of services that we offer has grown to also include Translation Services and ID Verification.

How We Assist our Clients with Wills and Estate Planning

A Canadian lawyer can play a crucial role in assisting you with wills and estate planning by providing legal advice, drafting necessary documents, and ensuring that your wishes are carried out according to the applicable laws. Here are some ways in which we  can assist you:


Compassionate Guidance

Singla Law Office offers empathetic and personalized legal advice, understanding the emotional nuances of family matters. We provide compassionate support, helping you navigate complex family issues with sensitivity.


Expert Legal Advocacy

Our experienced team of family law professionals ensures expert legal representation tailored to your unique circumstances. From divorce and child custody to spousal support and property division, we offer robust advocacy to safeguard your family's interests.


Peace of Mind

With Singla Law Office, you gain peace of mind knowing that your family needs are in capable hands. We work diligently to achieve favorable outcomes, promoting stability and resolution in your family matters. Trust us to handle your concerns with care, expertise, and a commitment to your family's well-being.

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