Solicitor and Client Privelege

The relationship between a solicitor and his/her client has always been subject to “solicitor/client privilege”. This means that anything disclosed to us may not be discussed with any other individual without your express written consent. The “new” privacy legislation is not something new to lawyers. It has been part of the common law history for hundreds of years. I will respect your right to privacy. Accordingly, you should be aware, I will not discuss your file with anyone, save and except your real estate agent involved in this particular transaction, and your mortgage officer/broker on behalf of whom I may be registering a mortgage to enable you to complete your purchase. I will not discuss your file with a parent, sibling, common-law spouse, partner or child without your express written consent. I will not provide utility companies with your new address, or your new telephone number, nor do I provide the utility companies with personal information regarding you as any information about you received in my office is considered “privileged and confidential”. I do not disclose any information regarding you, or this transaction, to anyone without your written consent.

Please Note: This information is not intended to contain advice specific to your situation. There are no cookie cutter solutions. After all, you are reading this information on the internet. Your situation is special and unique and you must be guided by specific individual advice from your Lawyer, Certified Financial Planner or Accountant.

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