Preparing Your Will

My role in the preparation of your Will and Powers of Attorney

I will meet with you as many times as you may be necessary to complete your Will, but never less than two times. In the first meeting, I will discuss your family and financial circumstances with you, provide you with relevant legal advice, answer your questions, create a plan to satisfy your needs and concerns, receive your instructions for the content of your Will and make the notes I will use to draft your Will. I must confirm that you are capable of making a Will. I will prepare a draft Will and send it to you for your review and approval. In our second meeting, I will review the draft Will with you to ensure you fully understand the meaning of every clause in the Will. Once you are completely satisfied with the Will, you may sign it in the presence of two witnesses, usually me and one of my Assistants. After you sign the Will, you will be given the choice of taking the signed Will with you or leaving the original Will with me for safekeeping. There is no charge for leaving the Will with me.

The original Will may not be released to anyone other than you, your Attorney or your Executor, and only after your Executor has provided me with a Funeral Director’s Statement of Death verifying your death. During your lifetime, or any incapacity you may experience, I will not release the originally signed Last Will and Testament to your children, to your spouse, or to any other person other than your authorized Attorney, unless directed to do so by a Court Order.

Please Note: This information is not intended to contain advice specific to your situation. There are no cookie cutter solutions. After all, you are reading this information on the internet. Your situation is special and unique and you must be guided by specific individual advice from your Lawyer, Certified Financial Planner or Accountant.

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